• 10-10 2018
    Join forces with future group's quality brand Leap to release AI intelligent English learning robot "Xiaobu".
  • 09-20 2018
    Release the new generation of children's intelligent robot "pudding mini bean".
  • 09-19 2018
    Finalist Davos Forum China AI 50 list.
  • 09-12 2018
    ROOBO smart vehicle instant messaging program appears in Daimler innovation acceleration camp, and will join hands with Daimler to develop in the field of smart vehicles in the future.
  • 08-19 2018
    China's industrial innovation list of "future influence" in the information center of Ministry of industry and information.
  • 08-10 2018
    Joining hands with Microsoft to launch a voice development kit for global sales.
  • 07-27 2018
    The official release of the Children's Secret Intelligent Platform revealed that the monthly voice request volume of the platform exceeded 1 billion times and the annual shipment volume exceeded 10 million units.
  • 07-10 2018
    Shortlisted for "2018 China Artificial Intelligence Licorne Top 20".
  • 06-13 2018
    Won the 2018 Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Business Landing List.
  • 05-07 2018
    Microsoft Build2018 officially released the AI conference system jointly developed by ROOBO and Microsoft.
  • 04-25 2018
    Invited to attend the 10th Anniversary Celebration of CCTV "First Lesson of School" and the new book launching ceremony.
  • 03-21 2018
    Shortlisted in the "Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Enterprises in 2017" list.
  • 01-23 2018
    With Nuance, we will work hand in hand in the fields of intelligent speakers, robots and the Internet of Things.
  • 09-15 2017
    In September 2017, ROOBO ranks No.7 under the Robot Category on the World IoT Ranking List.
  • 09-05 2017
    In September 2017, ROOBO Completed B-round Financing of 350 Million Chinese Yuan, with Xiong Minghua, Former Tencent CTO Leading the Round and to Serve as Chairman of the Board.
  • 06-07 2017
    In June 2017, ROOBO participated in the first CES Asia with its flagship products, among which Pudding BeanQ won the Best Robot Award.
  • 05-18 2017
    In May 2017, ROOBO made a stunning appearance at China Langfang international economic and trade fair.
  • 04-18 2017
    In April 2017, “Super Mum” HU Ke formally became Chief Experience Officer of Pudding BeanQ smart robot.
  • 04-10 2017
    In April 2017, Pudding BeanQ wins Red Dot Award 2017 "best of the best", which is also the first domestic robot that wins this prize.
  • 02-20 2017
    In February 2017, Jelly wins all the three awards of iF Design Award, including product, communication and packaging.
  • 01-06 2017
    In January 2017, Pudding BeanQ firstly showed at the CES in Las Vegas. It also wins Gold Award of Annual Global AI Robot for Kids.
  • 01-04 2017
    In January, ROOBO participated in the CES in Las Vegas. Our products were well-received at the event, especially Pudding BeanQ.
  • 12-04 2016
    In December 2016, During the Intelligent Hardware Billboard 2016, DOMGY won the “Gold Award Under the A.I. Robot Category”, while ROOBO was awarded the title of "Company with the Most Attention from Investors".
  • 11-04 2016
    In November 2016, Pudding was invited to the opening ceremony of the third World Internet Conference (WIC).
  • 11-04 2016
    In November 2016, Nuance announced strategic partnership with ROOBO with the common goal to build the AI robot market together.
  • 11-04 2016
    In November 2016, TechINK Award 2017 International Industrial Design Student Competition co-organized by ROOBO and Tsinghua University was launched at the Academy of Arts, Tsinghua University.
  • 10-04 2016
    In October 2016, ROOBO was shortlisted for the “Most Popular Product for Media” during the Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week.
  • 10-04 2016
    In October 2016, ROOBO was awarded with the title of “China Top 10 A.I. Companies” during the first A.I. World 2016 Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
  • 09-04 2016
    In September 2016, ROOBO Completed A-round Financing of 100 Million Dollars, and released its very own A.I. Robot Operating System officially.
  • 08-04 2016
    In August 2016, During the World Artificial Intelligence and Robot Summit, ROOBO was proudly listed as one of the Top 25 A.I. companies in the world.
  • 07-30 2016
    In July 2016, ROOBO exhibited its full product collection at China Joy 2016 and received massive attention from the media and public.
  • 07-22 2016
    In July 2016, ROOBO exhibited its full product collection at Taobao Maker’s Fair, and was the key highlight of the event.
  • 05-18 2016
    On 18 May 2016, Pudding robot collaborated with the classic animation figure “McDull”, which has been popular for 20 years and launched a McDull-Pudding robot on Taobao crowdfunding platform. It successfully achieved the goal in the first 24 hours.
  • 05-15 2016
    In May 2016, Pudding S topped the Tmall intelligent robot chart and was in the top 5 of the Tmall intelligent hardware sales rank. Meanwhile, the Baidu Index of “Pudding robot” reached two times more than that of the "intelligent robot”.
  • 04-20 2016
    On 20 April 2016, ROOBO participated in the first CE China exhibition with its flagship products. At the exhibition, ROOBO captured the attention and received media coverage and interview invitation by the international and national media giants such as CCTV, DFTV, TJTV, Dutch national TV, and KBS Korea.
  • 03-30 2016
    On 30 March 2016, Pudding S intelligent robot was officially released and announced to engage a strategic cooperation with iFLYTEK, Hello Teddy, Beva Song, Storytelling by Uncle Wang Kai and Himalaya.
  • 01-06 2016
    In January 2016, ROOBO made a sensational appearance at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.
  • 11-23 2015
    In November 2015, Pudding and DOMGY were invited to participate in the World Robot Conference.
  • 09-21 2015
    In September 2015, Pudding robot started crowdfunding on JD.com and achieved successful launch with the proud result of 163%.
  • 11-14 2014
    In November 2014, ROOBO was established in Beijing.