Inquiry & Shopping Guide

With the support of a powerful AI engine and cloud service, our ROOBO AI robots can provide Q&A, information introduction and guiding services at the airport, banks, shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc., helping human staff answer customers’ questions and providing shopping information and suggestions to them, which makes it possible to increase product value, attract market attention and increase the sales conversion rate.

Core Value

  • Intelligent voice system, enables smooth communication and answers a variety of questions.

  • Replacement of traditional human labour, significantly improves high-quality user experience with patient service.

  • Accurate indoor navigation and positioning system, leads customers to the right place.

  • Face recognition technology, identifies client characteristic, age and gender in order to push relevant useful information for their reference.

  • Large Android interface, makes it easy to promote advertisement. It has also creatively added gaming, singing and dancing functions to efficiently attract customer flow.

Successful Case

  • Xinhua Bookstore:

    State-owned book distribution enterprise

  • Services:

    Book selling/Reading

  • Cooperative Robot:



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